February 20, 2009

FINALLY – The Day Lily Bloggers Return!

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Well, we’ve been away for a year or so but wanted to add some fresh blog entries for 2009. We had quite a year in 2008 and are ready to forge new friendships and relationships in ’09!

Hope everyone is well and we look forward to writing to some interesting entries….



December 4, 2007

A New Month, New Outlook & Festive Creations.

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December is finally here and with it has arrived colder weather and a festive display of Christmas lights in our subdivision. I can finally see things clearly again with my new glasses which arrived a couple of weeks ago.

The fantastic lights that our neighbors put up inspired us to get our lights out of the attic and start decorating our house.

We fully expect that Old Town Keller will be equally as festively decked out and are looking forward to the Christmas shoppers visiting the Day Lily Cottage.

Christmas Tree

November 16, 2007

A Sight For Sore Eyes

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Life is all about living and I recently realized that I was struggling to see things clearly (literally!) so I decided to get a vision test at the local opticians. Once I arrived I was given a choice of dilation drops or a computerized eye test which cost $35 more. I chose the option which meant I would not have blurry vision for six hours and after a couple of minutes staring through a lens connected to a PC my retina had been completely scanned and digitized!

After a good old fashioned check of my lens prescription I chose a new pair of frames and was on my way. Once again, technology advancements have sped up a process and I certainly appreciated the lack of dilated pupils. I’m looking forward to my new glasses which will hopefully give me a fresh outlook on life (no pun intended).

Eye Check

November 14, 2007

Beautiful Wildflower Body Balm

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The day we discovered the Naked Bee line of products made all of our lives a little better. We now stock a wide range of their wonderful all natural bath & body products and have all bought samples to take home and try out.

My personal favorite has to be the all natural Wildflower Body Balm which simply put is a must have for dry skin.

The fragrant moisturizing salve is great for dry, chapped skin and lips as well as eczema, minor scrapes, rashes, sunburns, and little boo-boos. The secret is that it is made in small batches with organic extra virgin olive oil infused with wild echinacea, wild yarrow, organic calendula and seasonal wild flowers. Scented with a relaxing rose geranium essential oil blend, it makes a nice natural perfume too.

We’ve all found that a little goes a long way, so the 1.3 oz. tin will last a long time.

Wildflower Soothing Body Balm

Ingredients: certified organic olive oil infused with wild echinacea, wild yarrow, and organic calendula, unbleached beeswax, essential oils, vitamin E, corn starch.

November 10, 2007

More Texas Gifts = More Online Traffic

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Well we’ve been shamelessly promoting our online Texas Gifts store this last couple of months and it looks as though the hard work maybe paying off. We are now getting an average of 2500 visitors a month which is great for business. Our store in Old Town Keller typically gets around 20 people a day as walk-ins so we are really excited about the opportunity to sell more of our unique Texas gifts online.

We’ve noticed that people particularly like our range of plush toys, the Texas Longhorn Plush Toy is currently the online favorite and we hope to sell more this Fall than ever before.

So in summary we would like to thank y’all for visiting us online and we hope you will come back soon to view our latest offerings.

Texas Longhorn Toy

November 7, 2007

Our All Natural Bath & Body Products

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We’ve finally listed some of our all natural bath & body products online! We kept receiving requests from repeat customers that they wished they could order some of our moisturizing hand lotion online and we’ve finally fulfilled their requests.

Provided by our favorite company The Naked Bee products have a slogan that they use all of the good, none of the bad. These unique products are available today through our online store.

Naked Bee Hand and Body Lotion

November 5, 2007

Orchids in Bloom

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We are finally able to enjoy the blooms of one of our many Orchid plants located in our new bathroom. They appear to be enjoying the temperature and humidity of the bathroom and are thriving.

We took several pictures of the flowers and chose this as our favorite.

orchid in bloom, texas

November 4, 2007

A Lazy Sunday

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We truly believe in taking our Sundays at a slow pace and enjoying the gifts we have been given and today was no exception. We took a trip up to our local book store and stocked up on good reading material and with two coffees in hand we took a stroll around the local shops.

A morning taking down our Halloween ornaments and signs was followed by an afternoon sat in the sun whilst our four dogs frolicked in the back yard with the local squirrels!

A perfect Sunday was had by all and we feel ready for the coming week 🙂

dogs in backyard

November 3, 2007

New Texas Artwork at The Day Lily Cottage

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We just finished posting some of our latest additions to the Day Lily Cottage online artwork gallery including a piece by a new local artist, Cynthia Johns. You can view our original Texas artwork ranging from watercolors, acrylic and oil on canvas to beautiful paper collage.

All of our artwork is for sale but we recommend calling for the latest prices and shipping estimates. Call us today for more information at 817-431-3262.

Orchid Acrylic Painting

November 2, 2007

Texas Beer Bread Mix

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We have just added a fantastic product to our fall catalog, Texas Beer Bread!

This “ole” Texas recipe is a generation hand-me-down… Ya see, Paw liked his beer, but Maw didn’t. So instead of creating a big ruckus, Maw went to mixin!

Knowing that the way to a man’s heart was through his belly this Texas beer bread was created. Where else but Texas would you find this old fashioned beer bread?!

Texas Beer Bread

Choose your favorite beer
Heat oven to 400F
Mix 1 cup of beer with 12 oz of beer bread mix.
Bake in a non stick loaf pan for 15 – 25 mins

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