December 4, 2007

A New Month, New Outlook & Festive Creations.

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December is finally here and with it has arrived colder weather and a festive display of Christmas lights in our subdivision. I can finally see things clearly again with my new glasses which arrived a couple of weeks ago.

The fantastic lights that our neighbors put up inspired us to get our lights out of the attic and start decorating our house.

We fully expect that Old Town Keller will be equally as festively decked out and are looking forward to the Christmas shoppers visiting the Day Lily Cottage.

Christmas Tree


August 10, 2007

Time to Take Stock :0)

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Well our latest batch of inventory arrived yesterday and as always we eagerly tore open the large boxes to see what new products we were running with.

The first box yielded a large assortment of decorative wall hangers. The slogans are all mantras that I will be trying to adhere to such as;

“Count Your Rainbows Not Your Rainy Days”

My first task when new stock arrives is to start pricing and labelling items, closely followed by adding the products to our online Texas Gifts catalog. Decorative Texas Wall Hanger

We also found a box full of stained glass wall hangers which my wife proceeded to buy on the spot! In fact we always buy things for our own home at the store, I recently bought a nice wooden picture frame for our home which I’m displaying a picture of my wife and I’s visit to Boston in.

Anyway, check out our online store for all the above mentioned products, we hope you like them!